Baby formula shelves remain bare despite Abbott restarting production

Published: Jul. 14, 2022 at 6:48 PM CDT
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - News 4 is working to get new information on the months-long struggle over baby formula. The Abbott plant is back online, but St. Louis area stores show a different story. Right now, many stores across the region are limiting the number of formula containers you can buy at one time. One West County mother, who’s dependent on formula, said the last few months have been challenging.

Water, formula scoop, and shake. It’s routine for Shawn Young, who’s now on baby number three, and isn’t able to breastfeed.

“I noticed the formula was gone in like February,” Young said.

Baby Everleigh, Young’s newborn, wasn’t coming until May. However, she said she started buying formula a few weeks ahead of Everleigh’s arrival, but the shop for formula didn’t come easy.

“I have yet to go into a Target with full shelves, full of formula,” Young explained.

Young said she never expected a shortage of formula. She said she hadn’t experienced that with her two other girls. News 4 checked area stores Thursday to see what the supply was like. A mother’s fear of empty shelves is still a reality with lingering concerns.

“At eight weeks old, it can change tomorrow what she might be allergic to or what she might not process well,” Young said.

On July 1, Abbott’s production started ramping back up at its Sturgis plant. It’s making EleCare again, a specialized formula for babies with food allergies. Similac, its most popular formula, isn’t on the production line and Abbott didn’t have an answer to when it will be back. Young said she’s looking forward to going back to life and not having to worry about feeding her newborn.