Madison County Sheriff’s Office launches new app

People in Madison County can now track crime and other public safety issues from the palm of their hand.
Published: Jun. 16, 2023 at 10:32 PM CDT
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MADISON COUNTY, Ill. (KMOV) - People in Madison County can now track crime and other public safety issues from the palm of their hand.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office launched a free app to keep community members informed.

Sheriff Jeff Connor says bringing in new technology is a big priority for the department.

“Technology has taken over everything, including law enforcement,” Sheriff Connor says.

Sheriff Connor says the department’s new app has been in the making for years.

The driving force behind it is to help more people and faster.

“It’s becoming a bigger tool,” Sheriff Connor says. “This phone is a computer for everybody and most people have some type of smartphone so we just thought it was a better way to connect with the community.”

If you live in Madison County, you can use the app to get public safety alerts in your area.

The app can send push alerts directly to your phone, giving the department instant access to the people it serves.

“Not everybody has the Facebook or Twitter platform,” Sheriff Connor says. “All you have to do is download this free app and you have immediate access.”

Dan Mainer has lived in Edwardsville for nearly six decades and says he’s happy to see law enforcement keep up with the times.

“It’s better that the sheriff’s department, the people charged with protecting people like you and me, stay abreast of the coming technology that I’m sure the criminals will be aware of and use to their benefit,” Mainer says.

The app is not just for crime alerts or traffic concerns.

You can also look up inmates, get more information on the jail and even submit a tip.

“A lot of times it could be a drug house,” Sheriff Connor says. “Maybe there’s a lot of cars or they think there’s a stolen car that’s in the area.”

Sheriff Connor says he hopes this new tool will also free up phone lines at the Sheriff’s Office because so many answers will be at people’s fingertips.

Sheriff Connor says other counties in the area are also talking about implementing new technology.

Meanwhile, the St. Louis County Police Department launched a community crime lead portal. That portal allows people to report suspicious activity, abandoned vehicles or other things they call “quality of life crimes.”