President Biden signs short-term funding bill to avert gov. shutdown

Published: Nov. 17, 2023 at 5:47 PM CST
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - A government shut down was averted with a two-part funding bill that will keep parts of the government open until mid-January and others through February.

It’s a short-term solution to buy congress more time - it’s also our new speaker of the house, Mike Johnson’s first victory but it’s one that’s come with some disapproval from hard right republicans

The short term bill doesn’t include aid to Israel or Ukraine, it also doesn’t include those spending cuts that led to our former house speaker, Kevin McCarthy’s exit.

“I hope we can come to an agreement even if neither side gets everything they insist on,” said Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader. “We must finish passing President Biden’s emergency supplemental with aid to Israel, Ukraine, humanitarian assistance for innocent civilians in Gaza and funds for the Indo Pacific.”

The current continuing resolution funds the government at its current levels but doesn’t include the spending cuts that hard right republicans want, like Chip Roy.

“We need a plan to reduce spending overall for 23 to 24, pay for any supplemental spending. Stop spending blank check money to Ukraine,” said Representative Chip Roy. “Stand with Israel. Hold the Senate in check and do what we need to do to secure the southern border.”

Speaker Johnson said the continuing resolution will give members the time they need to work on the 12 spending bills before the clock runs out on the second extension.